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Useful Turkish Phrases

Turkish is not an easy language to learn. It is polite and well worth learning a few words and phases to please yourself and delight when out and about shopping and dinning out .

With our professional guidance for Turkish property our consultants will be assisting you with dealings along the way with negotiations with developers and furniture stores but it still looks good if you understand a little what is happening.

There are a couple of extra letters in the Alphabet such as the slient Ğ , Ç, and Ş which are pronounced ch and sh otherwise it is quite easy if you can listen to the prouncation and get the hang of it . Most letters are said as they are written here are some of the tricky ones.

A a short as in ‘ant’. E e  short as in ‘bet’ . I i as ‘ee’ in ‘bee’. Ö ö as ‘ur ‘ ‘fur’. U u short as ‘oo’ noon . Ü ü short as ‘pew’ . C c is a j as in ‘jam’. Ç ç is ‘ch’ as in ‘child’ . G g hard as in ‘get’. Ğ ğ not pronounced . H h hard as in ‘hat’. J j as in ‘jay’ . Ş ş ‘sh’ as in ‘ship ‘.  Q q and X x are not used .


Meeting people

Hello                                                                              Merhaba

Good Morning                                                               Günaydin

Good Evening                                                               Iyi akşamlar

How are you ?                                                               Nasilsiniz ?

Very Well                                                                       Çok iyiyim


Useful Words                                                           

Yes                                                                                     Evet

No                                                                                       Hayir

Please                                                                                Lütfen

Thank you                                                                         Tesekkür ederim

Excuse me                                                                          Pardon

What ?                                                                          Ne ?  

How Much ?                                                               Ne kadar ?

Who ?                                                                           Kim ?

When ?                                                                        Ne zaman ?

What time is it ?                                                        Saat kaç ?

Friend                                                                           Arkadas

Big                                                                                  Büyuk

Small                                                                             Küçuk

Hot                                                                                 Sicak

Cold                                                                               Soguk

Good                                                                             Iyi

Bad                                                                                Kötü

Right                                                                              Sag

Left                                                                                Sol

Beautiful                                                                      Güzel

I do not understand                                                Anlamiyorum

I don’t know                                                              Bilmiyorum

At the Hotel

I want                                                                           istiyorum

A double room                                                          Iki kisilik oda

A quite room                                                             Sessiz bir oda

To change room                                                       Oda degistirmek

Soap/Shampoo                                                         Sabun/sampuan

Toliet paper                                                                Tuvalet kagidi 

Useful Turkish Phrases

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